Improv is the number one way to boost company innovation and creativity!  Many people hire us to teach creative thinking, a.k.a, “thinking outside the box.”  If you want your employees to come up with creative ways to solve problems, Improv Yourself Communications is key!


See why Doug Leeds, CEO of, invests in improv for his employees:



Listen to how Roland Hayden (president of national company Pritchard Sports) states Improv Yourself Communications “has great value and is better than a ‘speaker,’” because we are very engaging:


Our workshops follow this pattern:


1.      You choose the skill area/s you want addressed.

2.      We design a workshop or several (a series) that meet the specified time frame.

3.      We facilitate the workshop by carrying out a series of exercises.  For each exercise, we present it, the group does it, and then we share observations.


It’s that simple!  Plus, it’s effective and engaging.  The beauty of this is that participants learn crucial skills while having fun! Call Carey for a proposal at 305.968.6502 or email her at