The financials will not reveal the detrimental impact of underdeveloped communication skills in a direct way…especially if your profits are increasing.  But here’s the thing, you could be “knocking it out of the park” profit-wise if you hire Improv Yourself Communications.  Imagine being the industry leader in your sector.  If you already are an industry leader, imagine doing EVEN BETTER.  Sounds impossible? It’s not.

All the other companies will wonder what your secret weapon is.  The unlikely suspect?  Improvisation.  Let us tell you why.  One word…CONFIDENCE.  Our client relations exercises create communicators who know exactly how to handle ALL deals.

When deals are smooth sailing, that’s great, but how do you turn around a deal going sour?  You need to possess the quick thinking and communication skills to do this.  PROFITS equate with this skill.  Call us if you’d like to soar to the top in the new year!

Top tier business schools such as Stanford, Duke, UCLA and MIT are having students take improv as part of the curriculum.    To see what they are doing, click here:


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