Our Art of Client Relations workshop teaches employees how to relate to clients and customers in the best way possible.  For instance, in improv we have a saying, “Bring a brick, not a cathedral.”  This means that you build a conversation with 50/50 balance.  Some employees talk excessively (they create a cathedral on their own), instead of building a conversation brick by brick with the client.


Our exercises teach people conversational balance and how to catch all the “gifts” (clues to what motivates the person) given by clients in conversation. People do business with those they like and trust.  Clients talk about their lives in the course of doing business or before they do business with you, and an employee must be in the present moment of the conversation to hear the gems that lead to connection – not just the end goal of increasing profits.


If you remember that John Doe’s children play little league in South Miami and you ask how it’s going the next time you meet with him, he will feel good.  Not only does this help attract business, it also helps with repeat business (client retention).


See this link about why business people should study improv:  http://bit.ly/1egYyRG


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