As author Patrick Lencioni outlines in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, “Absence of Trust” is at the root of team dysfunction.  Improvisation establishes trust or re-establishes it (if broken).   In improv, the main principle is “Yes, And,” which means accepting ideas and building upon them. This principle is weaved throughout the entire workshop, and it enables people to feel valued as a team member, which increases trust.  The “Yes, And” rule also creates a safe atmosphere because people know their ideas will be accepted.  All exercises are done in pairs or groups, so people are working with one another in an interactive manner that also allows trust to grow.  Cliques within groups dissolve as we lead our exercises because we ensure that everyone works with one another.  This enables the team as a whole to increase cohesion, which allows  productivity in the workplace (and therefore bottom line) to increase once back at the office.


Listen to Kiesha Moody of Teach For America Miami-Dade speak about her experience in our teambuilding workshop:


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