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Can Improv Increase Profits? You Bet!

Most people have misinformation about what improvisation is.  Improv, in its most distilled form is: The communication technique of handling incoming stimuli in the most favorable way.  Especially those client curve balls!


Professional improv has nothing to do with comedy; it has everything to do with increasing both communication skills and quick thinking abilities.


Many people say, “I don’t need to take an improv workshop because I do it every day!”  But let us ask you this:  Is there a difference between playing around with your soccer ball in your backyard every day and training with an Olympic coach?


If you train diligently and consistently with the best, your skills will increase markedly, and in this case, if you train with us, so will your profits.


Here’s how we know.  Your clients choose and continue to work with you because they are confident in your skills or product.  We teach you how to instill that confidence.  Watch your capable, yet hesitant, employees go from being average communicators to confident ones!


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About the Founders

Carey Kane has an undergraduate degree in communications through Northwestern University and a master’s degree in acting through The New Actors Workshop in New York City.  There, she trained with renowned director Mike Nichols (Closer, “Angels in America,” Wit, The Birdcage, The Graduate) and Paul Sills, founder of Chicago’s famous improv theatre – The Second City.  While in New York, Carey also performed at The New Actors Workshop and took classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Back in her hometown of Miami, Carey decided to bring the communication gifts she learned in New York to fellow South Floridians.  Her company, Improv Yourself Communications, helps organizations transfer the skills of the stage to the workplace for improved communication and productivity.  One of the various skills her company helps people improve is public speaking.

She performs with the Chasing Tales improv troupe in Miami and has an active career in acting, including: commercials, infomercials, and voice-overs.  She has taught acting to children and adults in Phoenix, New York and Miami at various schools and non-profits.


Israel Maya is an improvisational actor who trained and has co-taught at Improv Yourself! He has been improvising since 2005.  He trained with Gary Austin, the founder and original director of The Groundlings (L.A.’s premier improv company); Brian Crane, a protégé of Del Close – the father of modern improv – of Improv Olympic in Chicago; and comedian Scotty Watson.  Israel trained Chasing Tales improv troupe members in foreign accents, one of his specialties within improv.  Since 1996, Israel has lectured on self-improvement.  He is a hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Psychology as a means of helping others reach their full potential.

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Chasing Tales on September 29th!

Come out and support IY! Founder Carey Kane as she performs with the Improv Troupe Chasing Tales! Saturday, September 29th. $10 at the door.

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