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4 week improv course at Pipeline Brickell

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Fixing a Dysfunctional Team

As author Patrick Lencioni outlines in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, “Absence of Trust” is at the root of team dysfunction.  Improvisation establishes trust or re-establishes it (if broken).   In improv, the main principle is “Yes, And,” which means accepting ideas and building upon them. This principle is weaved throughout the entire workshop, and it enables people to feel valued as a team member, which increases trust.  The “Yes, And” rule also creates a safe atmosphere because people know their ideas will be accepted.  All exercises are done in pairs or groups, so people are working with one another in an interactive manner that also allows trust to grow.  Cliques within groups dissolve as we lead our exercises because we ensure that everyone works with one another.  This enables the team as a whole to increase cohesion, which allows  productivity in the workplace (and therefore bottom line) to increase once back at the office.


Listen to Kiesha Moody of Teach For America Miami-Dade speak about her experience in our teambuilding workshop:


Our workshops are innovative and highly practical.  Watch the people in your group have the time of their lives while building trust!  Call Carey at 305.968.6502 or email

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People Skills are a MUST for Bottom Line Increase

Our Art of Client Relations workshop teaches employees how to relate to clients and customers in the best way possible.  For instance, in improv we have a saying, “Bring a brick, not a cathedral.”  This means that you build a conversation with 50/50 balance.  Some employees talk excessively (they create a cathedral on their own), instead of building a conversation brick by brick with the client.


Our exercises teach people conversational balance and how to catch all the “gifts” (clues to what motivates the person) given by clients in conversation. People do business with those they like and trust.  Clients talk about their lives in the course of doing business or before they do business with you, and an employee must be in the present moment of the conversation to hear the gems that lead to connection – not just the end goal of increasing profits.


If you remember that John Doe’s children play little league in South Miami and you ask how it’s going the next time you meet with him, he will feel good.  Not only does this help attract business, it also helps with repeat business (client retention).


See this link about why business people should study improv:


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The DEADLY Unrecorded Profit Loss

The financials will not reveal the detrimental impact of underdeveloped communication skills in a direct way…especially if your profits are increasing.  But here’s the thing, you could be “knocking it out of the park” profit-wise if you hire Improv Yourself Communications.  Imagine being the industry leader in your sector.  If you already are an industry leader, imagine doing EVEN BETTER.  Sounds impossible? It’s not.

All the other companies will wonder what your secret weapon is.  The unlikely suspect?  Improvisation.  Let us tell you why.  One word…CONFIDENCE.  Our client relations exercises create communicators who know exactly how to handle ALL deals.

When deals are smooth sailing, that’s great, but how do you turn around a deal going sour?  You need to possess the quick thinking and communication skills to do this.  PROFITS equate with this skill.  Call us if you’d like to soar to the top in the new year!

Top tier business schools such as Stanford, Duke, UCLA and MIT are having students take improv as part of the curriculum.    To see what they are doing, click here:


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Client Testimonial:


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Why Improv?

Improv is the number one way to boost company innovation and creativity!  Many people hire us to teach creative thinking, a.k.a, “thinking outside the box.”  If you want your employees to come up with creative ways to solve problems, Improv Yourself Communications is key!


See why Doug Leeds, CEO of, invests in improv for his employees:



Listen to how Roland Hayden (president of national company Pritchard Sports) states Improv Yourself Communications “has great value and is better than a ‘speaker,’” because we are very engaging:


Our workshops follow this pattern:


1.      You choose the skill area/s you want addressed.

2.      We design a workshop or several (a series) that meet the specified time frame.

3.      We facilitate the workshop by carrying out a series of exercises.  For each exercise, we present it, the group does it, and then we share observations.


It’s that simple!  Plus, it’s effective and engaging.  The beauty of this is that participants learn crucial skills while having fun! Call Carey for a proposal at 305.968.6502 or email her at


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